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Higher Education: The Stories Behind the Founding of the University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic

The profession of chiropractic began in the United States in 1895. Like any other sociological movement it started from humble beginnings to become what it is today, the largest, drugless healing profession in the world. is achievement has not happened without overcoming obstacles placed in the path of chiropractors looking to advance and validate their profession. One area of validation which eluded the chiropractic profession for nearly a century was in higher education. It took almost 100 years before chiropractic education became part of a university in the United States.

Prior to university affiliation, chiropractic education consisted of free standing institutions which were accredited by their own specialized federally recognized accrediting agency. These institutions gained regional accreditation, but these pro- grams remained conspicuously outside of higher education. When an opportunity presented itself to correct the injustice and isolation which had plagued chiropractic education from its inception, it was embraced. Higher Education is the story of how this opportunity came into being. It chronicles the opportunities, obstacles and eventual success of the chiropractic profession joining the list of professional programs taught at the nation’s institutions of higher learning.

“Well written book and story well told with some of the sarcasm appreciated. The politics of a University is intriguing and the birth of the school fascinating. I hope the role played and the sacrifices made by Dr. Zolli in the advancement of Chiropractic is appreciated by the profession.”

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